Who ordered pie? Here’s your spinach.

Please don’t ask me what I want if you’ve already made up your mind what you’re going to do.

It just makes me mad. And I’m reasonable.

Not so a lot of the people who are going to come to your public meeting because you asked for their input.  

They’re going to be hot when they get there and discover that you’ve made up your mind and the meeting is just to make sure no meaningful group is so outraged that they spontaneously combust.

And what’s been accomplished? You’ve got a bunch of people who know they’ve been tricked.  And they’ll tell you – perhaps loudly – what they think about that. Then they’ll tell their neighbors, your stakeholders and our elected officials, over and over.

It seems so obvious that such maneuvering saps the goodwill an organization has built with its stakeholders. Yet here I am watching another local agency announce public meetings to get stakeholder input regarding a proposed – i.e. “gonna happen hell or high water”  – fee increase.

So please, I beg you, absent a regulatory requirement, don’t offer me gravy if you’re really going to serve granola.

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