Social media “hmms” and thought starters

Social media tools and insights were the draws for nearly 60 people nationwide who recently attended or videoconferenced in on a Web 2.0 luncheon presentation hosted by the Public Involvement Group I lead at HNTB.

The material presented by Mike Lundgren of VML provided participants with a great rationale and a road map for developing a highly effective, holistic Web 2.0 presence.

Although I can’t share with you the presentation itself, Mike graciously provided copious links to related examples and information, which I provide here as thought starters:

Meanwhile, mega kudos to Robyn Arthur, for organizing and managing the very successful event; those who know Robyn and her work know that excellent outcomes are typical of all she does.

One response to “Social media “hmms” and thought starters

  1. I have heard very positive comments from our clients and collegues on the event. Thanks for the props.

    Though sort of obvious, I think the distinction between the web 1.0 and 2.0 is perfect, particularly given our work in public involvement. We have some new great ways to actively engage people in project discussions and hopefully the decision-making process.
    Now, I just have to find to learn all the new tools!

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