TV still leads as action influencer

A new study shows that when it comes time to move people and spark action, TV is still the number one game in town.

Although the study focused on product purchases, it probably is safe to assume that the findings hold true when trying to sell ideas or prompt individual civic or community action. Here’s more:

“TV still has the most influence on purchasing decisions in five major markets—even among Internet users—according to a study conducted in September and October 2008 by Deloitte

The Internet and traditional media such as magazines, newspapers and radio constituted a second tier of influence among online consumers surveyed in the US, UK, Japan, Germany and Brazil.


Types of Advertising that Have the Most Impact on the Buying Decisions of Internet Users in Select Countries, September-October 2008 (% of respondents)

Television’s dominance came despite the majority of consumers in all five countries saying their computers were used more for entertainment than their TVs. Deloitte said the top two Internet ad influences across all countries were search engine results and banner ads.”


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