In case you’re counting: eight more social media metrics

If I’m a little OCD-ish these days about measuring social media effectiveness, I’ve got a reason.

The decision makers I often work with are skeptical of Web 2.0.  They have at least a vague sense that it is a field of endeavor on which they need a substantial presence.  However, they often are of a generation for whom social media is not broadly familiar or attractive. Additionally, they often work on initiatives or in organizations where caution is a desirable and appropriate thing.

Besides their social media skepticism, they share another trait.  They’re almost universally driven as decision makers by cold, hard numbersparticularly if those numbers can be contextualized with how they represent progress towards organizational goals.

So measurement rationale, strategies and methodologies are always on my reading list – at least until a short upcoming combo business/pleasure trip to Berkeley brings fiction back into my life for five days.

And that’s why here are eight more social media metrics rather than a review of the newest Great American Novel:

  1. Unique visitors — human log-ons minus duplications indicates reach.
  2. Duration — length of stay demonstrates reach and intensity of engagement.
  3. Inbound links — a high “link to” count demonstrates credibility and influence. 
  4. Downloads — video views, document downloads, etc.  are measures of engagement.
  5. User ratings — user-generated rankings such as star ratings and favorites show credibility, influence, reach and engagement.
  6. Conversation — chat, comments and conversation indicate engagement and impact.
  7. Return visits — frequency of return visits displays credibility, influence and “stickiness.”
  8. Next clicks — where visitors go next can indicate credibility and satisfaction (satisfied – may go to unrelated topic site; dissastisfied – may go to related, perhaps oppositional, site).

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