4.5 things I’ve learned blogging

So here’s what I’ve learned from the personal blogging experiment that is The Coalitionist – lessons that may or may not have some application to your own electronic outreach:

  1. It would be best if you just shot me now. It would provide fresh content for the blog and an exit strategy.  If you think Great Whites are insatiable, try keeping to a regular production schedule of new postings.
  2. Speaking of content, your best ideas inevitably will come to you while driving at high speeds or late at night when you can’t sleep. You will be so impressed with your own genius, you will not write down your great idea, confident that it will stay with you forever.  It won’t.  Go ahead and clutch the wheel between your knees, and jot down your fabulous insight on a McDonald’s napkin.  Your readers will thank you and, should you careen off the road, see Lesson #1.
  3. There’s value in what you do even if no one reads it (messaging improvement, thesis testing, person development, etc.). That’s what you’ll tell yourself anyway every time you look at your blog stats.
  4. Think about where you’re going with your blog so that you can strategically plan out its evolution.  Hey, look at that! The Star Trek episode with the evil beatnik Spock is on. Now, where was I? 
  5. Dang it! Where’s that napkin?

2 responses to “4.5 things I’ve learned blogging

  1. Hang in there, slow and steady wins the race.

    Blogging can be hard work, but blogging about social media is the hardest. It’s like journalism criticism in the days before the Internet.

    There is a lot of white noise out there. You cover the more bothersome aspects of the medium’s potential simply, optimistically and thoughtfully. I’ve recommended the Coalitionist to colleagues. Keep up the great work.

    • Michael DeMent, APR

      I always listen when Tim speaks. He’s a smart guy, damn good writer and always interesting – has been ever since that first day I met him in the Troost Avenue landfill that was the office of the University News. Check out his site at http://persuasivecopy.com/blog/

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