The Coalitionist is authored by Michael DeMent, APR, a Kansas City  communications executive with more than 25 years of agency and corporate experience.

For more than a decade, DeMent has specialized in public involvement, a discipline that focuses on helping organizations win public and stakeholder support – or avoid generating their opposition – for complex, large-scale public or private development or infrastructure projects. Public involvement combines elements of public relations, issues management, community relations, government relations, crisis communications and, as they say, much, much more.

This blog is dedicated to the proposition that the same public involvement principles of building, engaging and motivating groups, networks or coalitions of people and organizations in terms of common cause increasingly are applicable to successfully achieving personal and professional goals.

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  1. Here, here! Michael – I just stumbled onto your blog by way of Linked In. Of course I say “Amen” to engaging stakeholders in an open, transparent way. Yes, my clients fear “the crazies.” I think much of my job description is “being fearless – and talking my clients into jumping off the ‘fearless’ cliff with me.” Doesn’t always work. But I keep trying!!

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